Vintage Glasses Museum

vintage glass museum

vintage glasss museum – sum-ag bacolod negros Appointments: 0917-309- 8895

The Vintage Glasses Museum is located in Sum-Ag, Bacolod City, Philippines.


“Glass Museum adds sparkle to Bacolod”

Enthusiasts and tourists in Bacolod City will be enthralled by this latest  attraction in Negros Occidental’s capitol City which is probably, the first of its kind in the Country.

Vintage glasses museum displays a collection of over 2,000 glass pieces, including Dinnerware, Victorian lamps, decorative objects, decanters and commemorative plates of different hues and intricate designs.

About 95% of the collection of Tomas Claridad Casiano, a floral designer for the rich and famous in Beverley Hills, Los Angeles, came from the united States and were acquired in a span of 20 years.

These include depression glasses, which are colored glassware made primarily during the depression years in the United States from 1904 to 1940.  Green, Pink, red, Yellow, Amber, Ruby, and Fire, Cobalt Blue, Aquamarine and Delphite ( Opaque blue glass ).

The Vaseline glasses are no longer being produced, he says, because the Uranium content was used to achieve the transparent yellow to yellow-Green colors.

Tomiko’s collection also includes Jadite, a type of Uranium glass that appears in shades of pale green, and Milk, an Opaque or translucent, or milky white colored glass, blown or pressed into a wide variety of shapes.

Vintage Glasses Museum

Mr. Tomiko C. Casiano – Owner – Collector – Curator

Also in Tomiko’s collection are the pressed glass pieces and crystals with sterling silver overlays.

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Address: 5 Lopez St, Sum-Ag, Bacolod City, Philippines 6100